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Gender male
Rel. status single
Interested in girls
Joined 10 years ago
Last login 20 days ago
Profile viewes 452528 times
Watched 499 videos
2735449 people have watched slaker's videos
Alejandro2011 hi girl you fan
June 12, 1:32 am

Tsinsac nice to meet you!
September 3, 3:02 pm

Tsinsac at 3:49 pm, September 3
Fricanpapi at 3:41 am, December 24
Can you please delete my profile, it is hacked.

Fricanpapi at 5:40 am, December 24
check me out... I'm going viral!
at 1:36 pm, November 5
nice to meet you
Wikked-willie looking goddam sexy xxxxxxx
September 27, 3:03 pm

Slaker at 12:37 pm, April 6
thanks ;)))
Sweetbb Hi, I am new here could you tell me how can i look for more friends here?
September 19, 12:45 am

Slaker at 9:35 pm, September 26
check peoples replies i guess, but good point, we need 2 make some community page so u can find more friends :)
Admin hallo slaker haw u beeez?
May 11, 9:37 pm

Admin at 9:37 pm, May 11
just checking few stuff
Slaker at 1:15 am, May 12
looking damn sexy
Admin hallo slaker
May 10, 1:31 pm

Admin at 3:51 pm, May 11
answer me!!!!!
Slaker at 4:52 pm, May 11
wanna fux0r?
Admin at 5:11 pm, May 11
no no fuxor, u don't have me in your friends
Admin at 9:15 pm, May 11
ok now we fuxor, we be friends! =]
Slaker at 1:13 am, May 12
looking awesome ;)

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