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Gender male
Rel. status single
Interested in girls
Joined 15 years ago
Last login 1 year ago
Profile viewes 458327 times
Watched 501 videos
2961618 people have watched slaker's videos
Alejandro2011 hi girl you fan
June 12, 1:32 am

Tsinsac nice to meet you!
September 3, 3:02 pm

Tsinsac at 3:49 pm, September 3
Fricanpapi at 3:41 am, December 24
Can you please delete my profile, it is hacked.

Fricanpapi at 5:40 am, December 24
check me out... I'm going viral!
at 1:36 pm, November 5
nice to meet you
Wikked-willie looking goddam sexy xxxxxxx
September 27, 3:03 pm

Slaker at 12:37 pm, April 6
thanks ;)))
Sweetbb Hi, I am new here could you tell me how can i look for more friends here?
September 19, 12:45 am

Slaker at 9:35 pm, September 26
check peoples replies i guess, but good point, we need 2 make some community page so u can find more friends :)
Admin hallo slaker haw u beeez?
May 11, 9:37 pm

Admin at 9:37 pm, May 11
just checking few stuff
Slaker at 1:15 am, May 12
looking damn sexy
Admin hallo slaker
May 10, 1:31 pm

Admin at 3:51 pm, May 11
answer me!!!!!
Slaker at 4:52 pm, May 11
wanna fux0r?
Admin at 5:11 pm, May 11
no no fuxor, u don't have me in your friends
Admin at 9:15 pm, May 11
ok now we fuxor, we be friends! =]
Slaker at 1:13 am, May 12
looking awesome ;)

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